Hello Cakers.

We are here to make your life easier and help you to grow your business.
We bring you the customers, so you can focus on what you really love
 – creating beautiful artistic cakes. All you need you do to get started
is list your location, and tell us the kinds of cakes you like to create.
When customers visit our site we match their details to yours.
Your customer will contact you via our site to tell you what their hearts desire.

A new way to do what you love.

Get customers delivered

For the first time, we are making it easy
for customers to find you. Caker Pro allows you
to easily create a profile telling cake lovers who
come to our site, what you love to make, where you are
and a bit about yourself. You focus on caking,
and we’ll focus on sending you customers.

Work when it suits you

When you need a holiday, want more work,
or just have too many orders on, you can simply
adjust your profile. With Caker Pro you can work
when it suits you. This makes running your
business and life a little easier to manage.

Promote yourself

Every pro becomes a member of the Caker Pro community, and this is free. However we have
different tiers of membership that can be purchased.
One of the benefits of increasing your status is
that you can increase your visibility on the site.

We don't take a cut

We know your cakes are delicious but we don't want anyone missing out. Any sale you make through the site is completely yours. 

No hidden fees for our members - simple. 

Do you dream of turning your hobby into a business?

Are you ready to sell to customers? 

Are you in training or do you want to take your hobby and turn it into a profession? 

We have just the thing in mind for you and are busy moulding it into shape. 

We want to help develop cake enthusiasts in the industry and promote them when they are ready. 

So give us your email address and we will keep you posted.

If you are a Cake Decorator keep scrolling down and create your account

Become a Caker Pro

Sign up for 12 months. Pay in monthly installments or upfront at a reduced cost.
Upgrade your tier at any time.


Rose Gold


per month
  • Business listing
  • Location shown on map
  • Receive direct Customer enquiries
  • Upload unlimited pictures
  • Receive Reviews

  • -------------------------------------------

Coming soon

  • Cake Market
  • Cakeducation
  • Private inbox


per month or $150.00 per year
  • Business listing
  • Receive direct Customer Enquiries
  • Location shown on map
  • Choice of general or specific suburb
  • Access to Forum
  • Featured as Caker of the Month
  • Premium listed Caker
  • Upload your own blog
  • Receive Reviews
  • Invite to Private Facebook Group


Coming soon

  • Advertise your workshops
  • Sell your tutorials in Cakeducation
  • Sell your products in Cake Market
  • Private inbox
  • Private cake community
  • Make sales through site
  • Cake on Demand
  • Upload your Flash Sales