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n. A person who creates exquisite cakes or desserts for a living.



n. A person who enjoys beautiful cakes and desserts for events.

Hello Makers.

We are here to make your life easier and help you to grow your business. We bring you the customers, so you can focus on what you really love – creating beautiful artistic treats. All you need you do to get started is list your location, and tell us the kinds of sweet treats you like to create. When customers visit our site we match their details to yours. Your customer will contact you via our site to tell you what their hearts desire.

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A new way to do what you love.

We don't take a cut! We know your wares are delicious but we don't want anyone missing out. Any sale you make through the site is completely yours. No hidden fees for our members - simple.

Get customers delivered

Caker Pro makes it easy for customers to find you. Create a profile telling cake lovers what you love to make, where you are and a bit about yourself. You focus on caking, and we’ll focus on sending you customers.

Work when it suits you

When you need a holiday, want more work, or just have too many orders on, you can simply adjust your profile. This makes running your business and life a little easier to manage.

Promote yourself

Every pro becomes a member of the Caker Pro community, and this is free. However by purchasing Diamond membership you’ll benefit from premium listing visibility, free advertising and full forum access.

Do you dream of turning your hobby into a business?

Are you ready to sell to customers?
Are you in training or do you want to take your hobby and turn it into a profession?
We have just the thing in mind for you and are busy moulding it into shape.
We want to help develop cake enthusiasts in the industry and promote them when they are ready.
So give us your email address and we will keep you posted.

Hello Lovers.

Ever wondered where to get your hands on all those amazing cakes that you drool over online? Right here.Caker Pro brings together all the best cake makers in one place, so you can find the cake you’re after. Birthdaycakes, Christening cakes, I just got a better job cakes and everything in between.You can pick the type of cake, the colour, what it looks like, you can even just ask for a cake made of icing!If it's possible, we just made cakes even more wonderful.

So, how does this work?


Caker Pro is the largest cake place in the world. You can browse thousands of Cakers, and literally every kind of designer cake you could possibly imagine. You can search for cakes by postcode, or by the style of cake.It couldn’t be easier.


When you find the Caker Pro for you, simply send them a message to get closer to your dream cake. To be helpful, all ordering, timing commitments and delivery plans aremade through the site. Everything is at your fingertips.


If you ever have any questions at all, just get in touch with your Caker Pro. You might need to make a change or just double check something. Once your order is confirmed you will have all the contact details you need.

Make direct sales

We drive custom to our supplier’sshopfronts, be it online or bricks andmortar, to generate independent sales.

Hello Suppliers.

Connecting customers with niche suppliers has never been easier thanks to Caker Pro’s dedicated supplier search. Caker Pro connects our supplier network to a customer base of specialists in edible artistry. As a Supplier listed on Caker Pro, we’ll help you finally reach those Cakers who will ultimately become your loyals.

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How does it work?

List your business

Cake decorators & dessert makers search our supplier database for products near them.

Generate leads

We promote our supplier’s business listings for relevant product searches to link them with tailored customers.

Make direct sales

We drive custom to our supplier’s shop fronts, be it online or bricks and mortar, to generate independent sales.

Welcome to Caker Pro, the home of cake decorating professionals.

Caker Pro of the month.

Holy Suga

Specializing in cakes that will make you feel loved, creating for your events leading up to your wedding day and the grand creation your Wedding cake.

Dominic & Marianne Cocktail Engagement

It's the announcement our family has been waiting for... Dominic did it... he proposed to our Marianne and the family rejoiced, so now its all about wedding planning but first the engagement party. Styled by the ever creative Jo Kalivas Events its was all about modern, construction with romance so it was easy blacks reds and rose golds were the colours for what Marianne wanted for her cocktail event.  


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