Why you ask?

Caker Pro was founded in 2018 by Lucy Nader. Lucy is a cake pro herself and believes that the world would be a happier place if we
all ate more cake together.

She had a vision that there are people out there who want to find wonderful creations for their events but just don't know where to find them. Caker Pro was born to make it incredibly easy for people to
find the world’s best cake pros.

Are you a....

We believe that finding a piece of cake should be just that.

We believe in matching the right cake with the right mouth.

We believe in not only celebrating events but celebrating each other.

We believe in setting standards not competition.

We believe in empowering our community with knowledge.

     We are here to turn the cake industry upside down. To reshape it into a space
full of opportunity. Piece by piece, tier by tier.

We want to create a community of supportive and like-minded people,
who can lift each other up, not hold each other back. This includes helping the cake professionals of tomorrow, who we believe should be encouraged and given
a chance to shine. We believe we should celebrate each other, not just events.

The best part is that by doing all this, we create a sweeter world
where the cake lovers benefit and the cake pros flourish.

So we are taking all the amazing cake pros out there to the people of the world. Because for every cake lover, there is a Caker Pro.
We won’t stop till every Caker Pro has the work they want,
and till every cake lover is licking their lips. 

We are caker pro

A bit about the founder

Lucy has been running her cake business, Holy Suga, for over eight years. Many of the skills she needed to run this business (including getting glitter off her face before school pick up or trying to get cornflour out of her hair) came from her own lessons of what worked and what went wrong, being a single mum to her two boys there was no giving up they needed to be fed.

Lucy had worked in the corporate world for almost 20 years and the cakes were meant to make her some extra money while giving her a creative outlet. In no time though, Holy Suga took off in a big way, and suddenly she found herself running a cake business full time (it was actually supporting the roof over her head and food on her kids plates) and it certainly opened her eyes to a world of possibilities. Lucy saw a lot, learned a lot and made some mistakes along the way, but loved every minute of it. Every customer confirmed that she was in the most rewarding career and to top it off every Caker she met along the way became a friend. Caker Pro is her way of giving back to the industry she loves and supporting all cake makers to grow their business to the success she knows they each can be.